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What uninterruptible power supply do I need

What Uninterruptible power supply do I need?

When the power goes out, do you have a plan?If not, you should consider investing in an uninterruptible power supply (UPS). UPS systems provide backup power to your home or business during a power outage, ensuring that your devices stay on and your work is protected. There are many different types of UPS systems available

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how much fuel does my generator use

How much fuel does a generator use?

With the ever increasing energy and fuel costs these days, we are all looking to decrease our fuel consumption and also become more environmentally friendly. The amount of fuel a generator will burn will depend on the generator size in kw, the type of fuel, the load or power being used and the efficiency of

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which is the best generator

Which generators are the best?

A common question that we are asked by our customers is what brand of generator is the best? Just with any product purchase, when purchasing portable generators or a standby generator it can be hard to distinguish between different brands, and most portable generators are similar prices. As you can imagine, with petrol generators the

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Can a standby generator run continuously

Can a standby generator run continuously?

Does your building have a standby generator? And are you wondering if you can use it to power your building for longer periods, instead of just emergencies? In most cases running a standby generator continuously would cause no problems, but we wouldn’t recommend it unless it was absolutely necessary. Usually we receive this request when

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what standby generator do i need

What standby generator do I need?

If you have found yourself needing a standby generator for your building and wondering where to start, hopefully this quick guide will give you some information and considerations for what type of generator to buy or what size generator you need. Firstly, consider exactly what you need to protect the most in your building or

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What is generator load bank testing

What is a generator load bank testing?

A load bank is a portable artificial resistive or reactive load that can be connected to your generator or UPS. It allows you to perform testing on your power supply equipment at specific load values to test your equipment’s capabilities of handling load. Why is it necessary to do a load bank test? Generators are

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