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How will the changes on diesel tax affect my business

How will the changes on diesel tax affect my business?

In March 2021 the government announced several changes to the ability to use red diesel for industrial purposes. This means that many industries will no longer be allowed to use this rebated fuel after 1st April 2022. What are the changes to tax on fuel for industrial use? Red and white diesel work in the

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how does a standby generator work

How does a standby generator work?

A standby generator is designed to provide a secondary source of power for a building or facility. Also known as an emergency generator or back up generator. In the event of mains failure to a building the standby generator is remotely started and then switched over to feed the building loads until mains is restored.

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How can I prepare my generator for the winter

How can I prepare my diesel generator for winter?

As with all mechanical things. Emergency generators don’t really like the cold. Why should I winterise my diesel generator? Cold and freezing temperatures can often cause your emergency power to fail. Just when you need it the most. These failures can be caused by several issues. But they are all easy to avoid when you

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what type of oil should i use in my generator

What type of oil should I use in my diesel generator?

How does oil protect my generator? Your oil plays a vital part in the health of your generator diesel engine. It provides the lubrication to critical components such as the crank shaft and bearings, turbo bearings, valves and valve springs. Your engine oil assists with decontamination by removing dirt or deposits away from the engine and

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Is diesel generator failure preventable 1

Is diesel generator failure preventable?

Sometimes just owning a generator isn’t enough to save your business from power loss. A standby diesel generator is the most effective way to quickly restore power following an unexpected outage. They are capable of starting and taking load within 10-15 seconds. When used in combination with an online UPS (uninterruptible power supply), your essential

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How much can a loose wire cost your business?

How much can a loose wire cost your business?

Sounds like a minor irritation doesn’t it? Just a loose wire, nothing more… But a loose wire or cable termination can become a serious matter if left unchecked. In fact, a large amount of power loss and electrical fires are caused by something as simple as this.   I’ll start with some basics to understand

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