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Are you looking to buy an AGG Generator?

This article provides an overview of AGG generators for UK customers, based on public information provided by the manufacturer and our opinion as a reputable supplier of quality power generation equipment in the UK.

As an independant service provider, Solent Power can provide AGG generator servicing and support if required

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AGG Diesel Generator

About AGG Generators – AGG Power Solutions

AGG is committed to becoming a world-class expert in power supply AGG generator sets around the world in a variety of applications. By using cutting-edge technologies, excellent designs, and global service with various distribution locations all over the 5 continents, AGG aims to improve the global power supply.

AGG products include diesel and alternative fuel powered electrical generator sets, natural gas generator sets, DC generator sets, light towers, electrical paralleling equipment and controls. All of which are widely used in the office buildings, factories, telecom industry, construction, mining, oil and gas field, power stations, education sectors, big events, public places and other kinds of projects.

Where are AGG generators made?

AGG Generators are manufactured by AGG group in China. They build a range of products and equipment such as AGG diesel generator sets from 16kVA up to 2500kVA power ratings.

Though AGG generator sets display a British UK flag on the canopy, these generators are not manufactured in Britain, and at the time of writing AGG do not appear have a trading address and staff presence in the UK, leaving questions around the after sales support for this brand.

The addition of the British flag may be intended to create a perception of quality?

AGG Generator Support

Are AGG Generators good?

AGG generators are a low budget brand serving customers looking to try to save money on their purchase. The build quality is to be expected of a product coming from China, though some models do have premium components such as the engine, alternator and controller.

When a reputable engine is used such as Cummins or Perkins, any issues that occur are usually down to the build quality of the product such as materials chosen, mechanical assembly and wiring or programming of the controller.

We are not able to advise on the performance or reliability of this brand, as they have only been imported into the UK market from 2023 so there are simply not enough machines in service yet to provide a real assessment.

A concern we would have is that if any issues were to occur, AGG do not appear to have any UK staff or support and there would likely be very limited support for any warranty offered on their products.

Are there other better brands for the same price?

There are few options in this price range for consideration, and most other competing products will also be of Chinese origin.

Our opinion is that if you are planning to spend several thousands of pounds on a machine that is important for your business, it is worth the additional 10-15% extra to ensure you have the right support and warranty cover.

AGG Generators

Solent Power - Your Power is Our Priority

At Solent Power we have a range of diesel generators to suit most peoples budgets, and we work very hard to provide solutions that are reasonable and deliver value for you and your business.

We do not look at the price and value of a sale, but care more for building relationships with people that love our products and appreciate our service levels.

Contact us to discuss your generator options and lets see if we can help you with sales, installation, servicing and maintenance.

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