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ComAp Generator Controllers

ComAp is a leading global supplier of high-quality generator control solutions.

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Who is ComAp?

ComAp has established itself as a market leader in developing innovative control solutions for diesel and standby generators since it was founded in the early 1990s.

Focusing on ensuring reliability and ease of use, ComAp’s generator controllers are a popular choice for those looking to ensure their backup power systems are always in top condition.

ComAp Product Ranges and Applications for Diesel Generators

ComAp offers a range of generator controllers to suit various diesel generator applications. The company’s product range includes controllers for single-phase and three-phase diesel generators.

Each model offers a range of features and benefits to suit the specific requirements of the generator in question. Whether you are looking for a controller for a small home generator or a large commercial generator, ComAp has a solution that is right for you.ComAp Generator Controller serviced by Solent Power UK

Benefits and Features of ComAp Generator Controllers

One of the key benefits of ComAp generator controllers is their ease of use. With intuitive, user-friendly interfaces, these controllers simplify monitoring and controlling your generator, ensuring you are always aware of its status and performance.

This is particularly important in the event of a power outage when you need to be able to quickly and easily activate your backup generator.

ComAp generator controllers also offer a range of advanced features, including the ability to control and monitor multiple generators, automatic transfer switch control, remote control and monitoring capabilities, and real-time generator performance and load monitoring.

This makes it easy to quickly identify any issues with your generator and take corrective action as needed.

ComAp generator controllers offer:

  • Easily monitor and control generator status with user-friendly ComAp interfaces.
  • Advanced features include real-time monitoring, remote control, and automatic transfer switch control for peak performance.
  • Reliable performance with durable construction and quality components.
  • Versatile for single-phase and three-phase diesel generators in various settings.
  • Easy integration with other generator components for seamless operation.
  • Built-in protections and alarms to prevent generator and components damage.
  • Configurable settings that allow for custom performance and operation.
  • Data logging and analysis capabilities for performance evaluation and optimisation.
  • Remote access capabilities for easy monitoring and control from anywhere.
ComAp Generator Controller for diesel genset maintained by Solent Power UK

Solent Power Supports ComAp Generator Controllers

Here at Solent Power, we are a leading provider of generator control solutions in Hampshire, UK. With a wealth of experience in supporting diesel generators and standby generators, we are well-placed to support any faults or issues you may have with your ComAp generator controllers.

Whether you need support with an existing system or are looking to upgrade to a new ComAp control system, our team at Solent Power can help.

In addition to providing ongoing support and maintenance services, we offer retrofitting solutions for older control systems, helping bring your generator up-to-date and ensure it always operates at peak performance.

Contact us if you need support and assistance with your ComAp generator controllers.

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