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Deep Sea Electronics

The leading manufacturer of generator controllers for diesel and standby generators

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Who are Deep Sea Electronics?

Deep Sea Electronics was founded in the mid-1970s to provide reliable and innovative control systems for power generation equipment.

Over the years, Deep Sea Electronics has established a strong reputation for quality and innovation in the generator control industry and has become a trusted brand among generator manufacturers, system integrators, and end-users.

Product Ranges and Applications for Diesel Generators

Deep Sea Electronics offers a comprehensive range of generator controllers for diesel and standby generators, including the DSE3110, DSE4520, DSE7310 & DSE8610

These controllers are designed to precisely control and monitor diesel and standby generators, ensuring they perform optimally and deliver reliable power whenever needed.

Deep sea electronics 7310 generator controller


Manual and autostart generator controllers

The DSE3110, DSE4610, DSE6110 and DSE7310 & DSE7410 are a compact, low-cost generator control solution for small to medium-sized diesel generators. This series is ideal for various applications, including construction sites, telecom towers, and backup power for homes and businesses.

Mains utility failure generator controllers

The DSE 4520, DSE 4620, DSE6120, DSE7320 & DSE7420  is a more advanced generator control solution that offers high functionality including mains monitoring and protection and auto transfer controls. This series is ideal for use in data centres, hospitals, and other critical power applications where downtime is not an option.

Deep sea electronics DSE3110 generator controller


Synchronous and load sharing generator controllers

The DSE 8610, DSE 8620, DSE 8660 & DSE8680 are fully-featured generator control solution for large-scale power generation applications, such as power stations and industrial plants featuring a range of synchronising and load sharing options with expansive generator and mains controls.

Benefits and Features of Deep Sea Electronics Controllers

Deep Sea Electronics generator controllers are a popular choice for power generation applications because they offer a range of benefits and features.

  1. Reliability: Their controllers provide reliable performance, which ensures your diesel and standby generators perform optimally.
  2. Easy to Use: Their intuitive menus and clear displays simplify monitoring and controlling the generator.
  3. Advanced Monitoring Features: Real-time monitoring of diesel generator performance, detailed system diagnostics, and automatic fault detection and diagnosis.
  4. Flexibility: Easily configured and flexible to meet specific requirements, making them suitable for various power generation applications.
  5. Cost-Effective: The controllers offer cost-effective solutions for power generation applications, making them affordable for small to large-scale applications.

Have you got an alarm on your deep sea electronics controller?

We can advise on the causes of faults and alarms on your generator, please feel free to contact us to discuss the problem and we can go through some checks you can make yourself.

Alternatively we have written a troubleshooting guide that may be helpful, see guide here.

Some generator alarms can be very harmful if not dealt with such as generator low oil pressure or generator high coolant temperature alarms. These issues will cause shutdown or prevent starting to protect your engine. There are other generator alarms that will still allow your generator to run and operate but may cause other issues that affect performance or safety.


Should I upgrade my generator to a Deep Sea Controller?

Deep Sea controllers are one of the most popular generator controllers for upgrading old generator control panels that require updating or modernizing in a cost effective manner.

Replacing switchgear and control systems can be expensive and complex, therefore by integrating a modern open protocol system such as a deep sea controller, it can greatly minimize the amount of components needed and also makes operation much simpler as all.

Basic generator control upgrades can often be done in days without complex planning, design work and new panel manufacturing.

If you are looking to upgrade your generator control system please contact us to discuss the most convenient option


Solent Power -Your Trusted Provider for Generator Services

At Solent Power we pride ourselves on our industry leading service levels. You can trust that we will always endeavor to find the best and most cost effective outcome for your generator issues.


Deep Sea Electronic Generator Controller installed by Solent Power

Deep Sea Electronics fault and DSE controller repair

We offer comprehensive support for Deep Sea Electronics generator controllers and diesel generators from our base in Hampshire.

Providing a range of services for older control systems to new Deep Sea control systems, including fault diagnosis, repairs, upgrades, and retrofitting solutions.

Our experienced engineers and technicians provide expert support and advice. Whether you are experiencing issues with your generator controller or need to upgrade your power generation equipment, Solent Power is here to help.

Contact us today to learn how we can support your diesel and standby generator needs.

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