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Power Plan

Protect Your Business From Costly Power Outages
Contingency Power Plan

Don't Let power outages disrupt your business

A power outage is more than an inconvenience. Even short periods of power loss can have enormous implications for your business.

What’s more, if your manager or any employee in charge of your building doesn’t know what to do in the event of a power cut, that’s critical time lost.

Having a Contingency Power Plan ensures your business keeps going when the power fails. It gives you actionable steps and an understanding of what you need to ensure you’re not left in the dark.

You likely have plans to protect your business from fire or security threats, so why wouldn’t you do the same regarding your power?

If a business loses power, it may face;

  • Significant financial losses through downtime or trading halts.
  • Safety concerns for employees and customers.
  • Inability to use life-saving and life-sustaining equipment & systems.
  • Loss of lighting, lift function, and automatic door access.
  • Downtime of internet access, IT equipment, servers and CCTV.
  • Security risks to sensitive data and equipment.
  • Damage to reputation from being unable to provide a service or fulfil orders.
Put a plan in place, today.
Contingency Power Plan

Power out? No problem

A Contingency Plan that keeps your business running smoothly.

We work with businesses across the UK to protect them from power loss. We created our Contingency Power Plan to help you understand your individual risk and give you actionable steps to take if your power goes out.

Our Contingency Power Plan covers all types of sites and businesses, with or without existing standby power equipment.

Our Contingency Power Plan Survey includes:

  • A site visit to conduct a full risk assessment and evaluation. We start by understanding your business and assessing any power-related risks.
  • A thorough check of existing equipment, if you have it, such as standby generators or UPS (uninterruptible power supplies), to ensure they are in good health and ready to supply backup power when required.
  • If you don’t have standby power equipment, we’ll assess the critical and essential parts of your business where you can’t afford to lose power (e.g. machinery or IT servers) and provide options to protect those assets.
  • We’ll assess and gain an understanding of the current processes in place (if any) in the event of a power cut and advise on how to implement a reliable contingency plan.

You'll then receive a comprehensive report and power plan that includes:

  • An actionable plan that educates you on any risks to the business, with recommendations and steps you can take to ensure your power never lets you down.
  • A servicing plan to ensure your current backup equipment won’t let you down at the most critical time.
  • A budget price for a standby generator or UPS to give you the level of protection you need. We can then gather all information necessary from your site to produce a formal quotation if desired.
  • A temporary generator provision list consisting of the size of the generator you need, the length and run of the cables, the connection into your building, and the size of the fuel tank you need. Vastly speeding up the deployment and installation of a temporary generator in the event of a power cut to restore your building as quickly as possible.
  • Options for installing external generator connection panels outside your building to allow a temporary generator’s rapid connection if needed.
  • A suggested training plan for you or your staff to ensure you feel confident managing your standby power equipment and help them understand how it works.
  • Options for care packages, such as rapid assistance, should you lose power to maintain or restore operations as quickly as possible.
Put a plan in place, today.
Contingency Power Plan

Peace of mind for a fixed 'one-time' cost

Protecting your business from the threat of power loss couldn’t be simpler.
Step 1
Contact us to book a survey and consultation. We’ll arrange a convenient date and time to visit your site.
Step 2
During the site visit, our electrical engineer will spend time understanding your individual power needs.

They’ll assess your power equipment to establish your level of risk and discuss options with you on minimising downtime if you suffer a power cut.
Step 3
We’ll send you a comprehensive written report and contingency plan with actionable recommendations and key information for restoring your power.

(E.g. what size temporary generator you’d need, how many cables, how quickly it can be installed, etc.)
Step 4
We’ll leave you to focus on running your business with confidence you’re fully prepared should your power let you down.
I cannot thank Paul and Solent Power enough for helping one of very important clients at very short notice.
We took a phone call at 16:50pm for a vets surgery which at very short notice were having their power cut off. We need to get a temp power supply there for 7am the next day to keep the site going so they could care for the animals and keep an important service open.

Paul managed to source and find us a generator and even managed to get an engineer on the day the power was off to be on site in case anything happened.

I would highly recommend Paul to anyone and also wouldn't hesitate to use their services again in the future. Paul returned every call and e-mail and kept me informed at all stages of the process.

Thanks again to Paul and his team.
Martin W
Great service - Paul has been hugely helpful in giving us great confidence in our equipment, and getting a decent maintenance plan in place. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Solent Power.
Neil B
We have used Solent Power Ltd for a number of Generator & associated controls repairs and have been really impressed with their professionalism, knowledge and speed in repairing the faults. Highly Recommend!
Gavin B
Contingency Power Plan

Don't wait for the power to go out

If you haven’t protected your business against the risks caused by power loss, call us today and put a Contingency Power Plan in place to ensure it’s business as usual.
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Don't feel powerless in a power loss situation
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