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Diesel Generators

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At Solent Power, we supply a range of diesel generators UK wide for a number of applications including emergency standby generators and portable generators for business and domestic use. We are a service based business with years of expertise in generators and electrical systems, which means we can assist you with any questions about choosing the right generator for your requirements.

Our generators can be installed by our qualified engineers or delivered to your premises on a ‘supply only’ basis. Contact us to find out more or request a free site survey.


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What are diesel generators used for?

Diesel generators are used to provide reliable standby power for homes or businesses. They are also used as industrial power supplies for plant and machinery where mains power is unavailable or inadequate such as construction. They are excellent when used as emergency backup power generators, because they can start and take full load within seconds, and handle the required loads for residential and commercial needs easily. Outages from the national grid can cause you to lose power suddenly, therefore speedy restoration of supply is essential to business continuity.


Commercial diesel generators are used for a range of industrial applications, providing efficient and stable alternative power supplies in construction, manufacturing, agriculture, marine and other industrial facilities. They are used for supplying high powered machinery necessary for production and can be more cost effective than having a new mains supply installed or upgraded. When combined with an auto transfer switch, standby generators provide protection from a power cut automatically when the national grid fails.


Smaller diesel generators can be used for portable power or as backup power for residential homes. With compact canopied units capable of delivering over 8 kilowatts of power, they can cover most of your house appliances during a power cut so can perform well as a standby diesel generator.

Brands we stock at Solent Power

Solent Power work with only leading brand generator manufacturers such as PramacTeksan, Himoinsa and CPS. We have full flexibility over what type of engine brand or control system can be used, and what optional extras you may need for your particular generator requirements.

Why purchase your diesel generator from Solent Power?

Our expert team has a background in service, repairing, generator installation and commissioning diesel generators across the UK. Using our real world knowledge and experience we can ask the right questions and help you with your diesel generator purchase, including advice on the installation and ongoing service requirements. We are not tied to any single manufacturer as other providers are, which means we give impartial advice and offer a range of options. Our aim is to make you fully informed about your decision, and confident with your purchase.

Diesel Generator FAQ

Are diesel generators reliable?

Diesel generators are very reliable when serviced correctly and the fuel is maintained to a good quality and kept fresh. Solent Power can provide servicing and maintenance for diesel generators. Please feel free to ask about your requirements

What is the life expectance of a diesel generator?

When serviced at the correct intervals, a good quality generator can live longer than 20-30 years. Sometimes the life can be extended with heavy engine maintenance and control system upgrades over its lifetime.

How many types of diesel generators are there?

There are a number of types of diesel generators in the marketplace from various manufacturers. There are so many options available in both standard and bespoke units, that it is really important to understand your requirements. Solent Power can help provide all the information and support you need for this.

How much does a diesel generator cost?

Diesel generators start from around £950 but can reach in excess of £100k for larger bespoke installations. It really pays to get the correct advice for your particular circumstances. At Solent Power we try our best to offer options for the smallest generator you can use. This helps save on fuel costs and maintenance costs in addition to a cheaper outright purchase in the first instance.

Who uses diesel generators?

Anyone who requires either a standby generator to protect their home or business. Other use diesel generators as portable power supplies for their larger equipment that cannot be powered from a petrol generator.

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