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Automatic Transfer Switches

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Secure your business operations against power interruptions with one of our Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS). Our ATS technology is precision-engineered to provide fast, reliable switching to backup power without missing a beat, ensuring your business stays operational no matter the external conditions.

  • Rapid response: Our switches activate immediately during a power outage, maintaining critical operations without interruption.
  • Full control: Tailor the ATS settings to meet your specific business needs, giving you control over your power management without complexity.
  • Reliability: Each unit is rigorously tested to ensure reliable performance under any conditions, protecting your business from unexpected power failures.
  • Simple integration: Designed for compatibility, our switches easily integrate with your existing power systems, facilitating a quick and efficient installation process.

Invest in Solent Power’s Automatic Transfer Switches and protect your business with a solution that works as hard as you do.

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Whether using your generator for residential, commercial, or industrial purposes, an automatic transfer switch is an essential investment for reliable and safe power.

Operating your generator manually can be problematic, as you’ll need to switch it on when you lose power, which disrupts operations. Our range of switches detects power outages and switches on, ensuring nothing stands in the way of your day.

With a range of models available for all needs, shopping with us gives you access to great prices and unparalleled quality.

We stock all types of automatic transfer switches

Electrical power is vital for lighting, turning on machinery, and powering off-grid operations, but homes and businesses in the UK know the disruptions power outages can cause. Automatic transfer switches bridge the gap between not having access to power and ensuring a seamless transition.

Our switches comply with International Standards and suit generators of all capacities.

Single-phase ATS systems

Single-phase generators are entry-level models for homes and businesses with minimal needs. Most provide a 50Hz output and have enough power to accommodate residential properties or small operations, including powering equipment for off-grid projects.

While these generators are popular, larger businesses or off-grid construction projects might require more power. Single-phase ATS systems are most common for residential generators and can ensure a smooth transition to standby power.

Our single-phase ATS products are manufactured to the highest standards and provide optimal power. We offer 240V ATS switches from ABBLovato and other reputable manufacturers.

Three-phase ATS systems

Three-phase diesel generators provide electrical power for large-scale operations and industrial settings, including warehouses, manufacturing plants, hospitals and expansive construction sites.

They’re typically used when a single-phase generator won’t supply enough power and come with ultra-capable ATS systems that ensure no operational downtime.

Three-phase automatic transfer switches use four poles to control hot lines and might also have a neutral conductor for consistent voltages.

Our customers can enjoy long-term peace of mind with powerful three-phase ATS switches from ABBICG, and other manufacturers.

Why shop with Solent Power?

Solent Power is one of the UK’s most trusted diesel generators and accessories suppliers. We pride ourselves on offering our customers excellent service and stress-free access to primary and standby power.

Shopping with us gives you access to a specialist team of experts, excellent prices and support services that maintain your generator and ATS system.

With generator installation support and maintenance service, we’ll ensure that your generator and ATS system stay working and continue to offer a seamless electricity connection.

If you require support choosing an ATS system, please get in touch with us today.


What does an automatic transfer switch do?

An automatic transfer switch turns your generator on when you lose access to your main electricity supply. It works by activating the generator, which produces power and ensures your business or home can remain productive.

These switches are more convenient than manual alternatives, as they respond immediately, instead of you having to turn the generator set on.

Can you put an automatic transfer switch on a portable generator?

Combining automatic transfer switches with portable generators is possible, but we don’t advise it. Many switches are compatible with specific models and might be too powerful for portable generators with limited power capacity.

Instead, you can use manual transfer switches or kits, which allow you to power the generator when needed.

Can you manually operate an automatic transfer switch?

Yes, you can, in most cases. Switching to manual during testing or emergency situations can enhance safety and ensure the generator continues to work if there’s an ATS fault. Most come with manual overrides, which make it easier to turn off the automatic transfer function.

What is the difference between an automatic transfer switch and a changeover switch?

Automatic transfer switches and changeover switches have similar functions but different operations. For example, an ATS system kicks in automatically and assesses your primary electricity source to ensure it can switch the generator on when you lose power.

A changeover switch can change sources, but it does require manual intervention. For example, you can choose standard power or switch it to an emergency setting. Once you regain access to mains power, you’ll return it to the normal utility setting.

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