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Are you looking to purchase a standby generator and need advice or support with your generator installation?
Generator Installation

Tailored Generator solutions for your home or business

At Solent Power we supply standby generators for businesses and homes across the UK and can help you with the advice and technical support you need to ensure you have the right size generator and ensure that it is installed correctly.

With a simple phone call or email, we can give you all the information you need to start planning your generator installation project.

We offer two types of generator installation services for our customers – Complete turnkey generator installations or ‘supply only’ arrangements where we work with your staff or contractors to help deliver your standby generator project with you.

Turnkey Generator Installations

If you prefer a ‘hands off’ approach and would like your entire project taken care of, we can offer a comprehensive service including:

  • Site survey and feasibility – Assessing your business risk level and your existing infrastructure to provide the optimum solution to protect your most critical parts of the business.
  • Equipment specification – Getting the correct size generator and specification of unit to ensure that you have the right capacity & fuel efficiency.
  • Fully itemized quotation with different options to choose from – ensuring you are informed and confident in the proposed solution and that it suits your needs.
  • Supply, delivery and positioning of your generator – Whether you need a truck delivery or crane lift we can arrange the options.
  • Electrical, mechanical and civil works – We will ensure that all works are planned around your operations including any potential outages for electrical connections.
  • Commissioning & training – Having a fully functioning system that you understand how to operate and manage.
  • Ongoing service and maintenance – Keeping your equipment in good working condition and maintaining your equipment warranty.
A Teksan standby generator installed by Solent Power
If a turnkey ‘’hands off’’ approach would suit you best please leave your details to arrange a call or site visit.

'Supply Only' Standby Generator Projects

If you have your own electricians and builders, it can sometimes be simpler to manage some parts of your generator installation project yourself.

We are happy to work with you in as little capacity as required to help you achieve your standby generator installation.

  • We can advise your electrician to make the right checks and gather all necessary information from your site to help specify the equipment and installation specifics.
  • Your electrician can then install the generator cabling and your builder can erect the concrete base as part of your complete standby generator installation.
  • We then supply your generator, auto transfer switch and fuel tank and advise your electricians on cabling requirements and installation. As it is not a frequent type of installation for an electrician, they often need advice to ensure that everything is connected correctly and the installation is compliant.
  • We make a single visit to commission the installation and ensure it functions correctly.
A 'Supply Only' option can be more cost efficient. If this sounds appealing please get in touch and we can arrange a call.
Generator Installation

Why Choose Solent Power for your generator installation?

Solent Power is a people focused company and we believe that business should be a force for good – We care about our team, our customers and our community.

Solent Power is, and always will be an independent supplier of generators and associated equipment. This means that we have no contracts with manufacturers with incentives to offer certain equipment types that may not be suitable for you.

We will find you the simplest and most cost effective solution without compromising on quality.
Generator Installation

What's involved with a generator installation?

There are a number of steps involved with having a generator for your home or business installed. Below is a step by step guide on how we will approach this with you:


We will gather some basic information from you to see if we can give you some initial advice and budgets. Information we may ask for:

  • What is the size of your incoming supply, fuse size? Single or 3 phase? And where is this located?
  • Where is your current fuse board located?
  • Where would you like your generator to be located, indoors? Outdoors? How far is this from your consumer unit/distribution board or incoming mains fuses.
  • Do you want your generator to power your entire home or business, or just certain buildings or particular equipment?
  • Would you like your generator to operate fully automatic or manually?
  • How often do you experience power cuts in your area and how long do they last? This will determine the size of generator fuel tank you will require. Potentially you may need an external fuel tank.

We may ask for some photos or videos showing the proposed location of the generator and photos of your fuseboard.

By gathering some basic information we can talk through some ideas with you and proposed solutions with budgets for each option. This allows you to take the time to decide what works best for you before we move forward.



We will offer various options with different generator brands and installation set ups that provides you flexibility with the cost and practicality.

Once we have a proposed solution for your generator installation that works for you, we can arrange a free site visit to confirm all of the details with you and ensure that we have all the information we need to provide an accurate quotation for the works.

If there are any changes needed, we can discuss these with you.



Upon quote acceptance we can agree on a payment schedule that aligns with equipment lead times and project timeline, and look at potential dates for the below:

  • Any groundworks, or electrical cabling or ducting needed.

  • Delivery of equipment to site

  • Installation of the equipment

  • Commissioning



We will spend some time to help you understand your new generator installation and show you how to make basic checks and how to operate it from the controller.

We will provide you with all the equipment manuals and drawings and a handy checksheet that explains how to operate and take care of your new generator.

  • At this point you are now fully protected from power cuts with your standby generator.
  • We will take care of your warranty registration and validate it with the equipment manufacturers.
  • We can put a service plan together that involves planned visits to keep your equipment in good working condition.

How much does a generator installation cost?

There are so many factors that can affect the cost of a complete generator installation such as:

  • Size and specification of the generator – standard canopy or custom canopy?

  • Building work or groundworks required – Concrete slab needed? Walls removed?

  • Length, size and route of generator cabling – underground ducting or cable ladder or tray?

  • Type of operation – Automatic change over or manual changeover

  • Fuel tank required – Longer run times may require additional fuel tanks.

  • Location – indoor installation will require ventilation and exhaust works

As a general rule of thumb for how much a generator costs full installed, for a three phase unit you can expect to pay approx. £2.50- £3.00 per kVA. E.g A 100kVA standby diesel generator installation will be around £20-30k.

Simple solutions that require less power can be inexpensive, such as having a mobile 6-10kVA generator that connects via a manual changeover switch and plug and extension. This type of solution can be under £5k in total.

Diesel generators range in price and start from around £5k for a 10kvA unit, and go up to around £50k for a 500kVA diesel generator.

Contact us to discuss your requirements and we will see how best to help you and keep your installation as simple and cost effective as possible.
A 25kVA Himoinsa Generator commissioned by Solent Power

Which Generators are best for Standby use?

Being proudly independent suppliers, we choose to work with only the best leading generator brands.

Some brands are better for different applications, so we always consider various factors when suggesting or recommending particular products, rather than offering what is easiest for us or the cheapest option always.

For example Caterpillar generators in our opinion are the best products for prime power applications where frequent long running periods for powering machinery is required.

JCB and Pramac generators have good quality and value rental generator products, with lots of variety in their specifications, so we like to offer these for mobile diesel generators or generators used for temporary events and trailer mounted generators.

For standby generators, the Teksan and Himoinsa generators are very popular due to their high build quality, the choice of leading brand engines and components and their excellent price point.

We often get asked to supply a Yanmar generator, or a Perkins generator due to the engine brand reputation so both Himoinsa and Teksan have been ideal for our clients. Both of these brands also come fully standby ready with battery chargers, jacket water heaters and remote start connections.

Unsure what sized generator you need for your home or business? Arrange a free site visit, today.

Do I need a generator to back up my entire building?

It is not always required to have backup power for your whole house or business.

Generator size and installation costs can be reduced by only powering your essential or critical loads.

One way this can be done is by splitting your consumer unit or switchboard into two separate boards, with only the essential loads located in one board.

This way the generator can be switched as an alternative feed into your essential board only.

This means you can reduce your generator size, but in the event of a power cut you will lose your non-important loads or equipment.

The best way to determine the right type of generator installation for your home or business is to arrange a site survey, where we can discuss your circumstances and look at what options you have.

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