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Here at Solent Power we offer a range of new generators including petrol generators, diesel generators, long-run generators, silent generators, recoil start generators, electric-start generators and many more.

Whether you need a portable generator to take on camping trips, a generator trailer to provide mobile power for your business or an industrial diesel generator to protect your building from power loss, Solent Power have you covered.

Feel free to call or contact us for advice, support or quotations to assist you with your generator purchase.



Portable petrol generators and diesel generators are ideal for a wide range of recreational and professional use such as camping, sailing, construction and small business use. We supply a variety of portable power generators with features such as recoil start, dual fuel, LPG, electric or remote start, silent run and inverter generators.

We only supply portable generators from recognised and reputable brands such as Pramac, Hyundai and Champion.

Please feel free to get in touch to discuss your requirements with us and we can provide a number of suitable options for your consideration.

If you can fill in our short contact form with your details and basic requirements, we will be in touch with some information and prices for you.

Hyundai portable generator sales


Are you looking for a reliable and efficient diesel generator for your home or business across the south?

We supply and sell diesel generators from a range of leading generator brands such as Himoinsa, Teksan, CPS, Pramac and more.

All of our diesel generators are robust and practical for providing power for a range of prime-power applications such as construction, agriculture and powering lighting and machinery.

We can supply standard units or offer full generator customisations to suit your requirements from additional socket outlets, trailer mounting, external fuel tanks, cabling, signage, connection boxes and much more.

If you require an emergency back-up or standby generator, we can assist with the specifications and supply your unit with jacket water heaters, battery chargers and ATS (automatic transfer switches) so that it suited for the application.

Our experienced engineers can assist with the installation, testing and commissioning of your generator, and provide nationwide servicing and support to ensure your power is always protected.

Standby Generator Sales
teksan generator sales

Why buy a generator from us?

Things that we do at Solent Power to stand out from the rest:

Generator Sales & Support

supporting you with your generator purchase

Once you have purchased your generator with us, we can help and support you further with services such as:

  • Generator Installation – We can assist with the installation of your new generator, including both electrical and mechanical works, fuel systems, controls and BMS, ventilation ducting, exhausts or any other specific requirements you have.
  • Generator Servicing – We  provide you with nationwide fixed price service and support agreements to keep your new generator in safe and reliable condition.
  • 24/7 Breakdown and Emergency Power Support – Our engineers can respond to any generator faults or power loss issues you may have. We can provide out of hours repairs or temporary power generators if this is required. 
  • To find out more or discuss our fuel services please contact us today on +44 (0)2381 550 144 or email your enquiry to [email protected]. We can discuss your requirements and help to provide any advice you need for your generator maintenance.
Himoinsa Generator Sales

Generator FAQ's

There are various reasons why some generator brands are favoured over others. This may come down to the engine modes used, the price of the unit or availability. Ultimately you need a quality product that is reliable and has good after sales support and warranty. Price is important because not everyone has the same budget. 

At Solent Power we learn about your requirements first before we suggest suitable options. This way we can ensure that whatever brand you choose, you will be happy and confident with your purchase with us. Remember….we only supply Leading brands and refuse to sell poor quality equipment!

The kVA rating of a generator relates to the power output capability of the unit. The larger the kVA, the bigger your generator. To calculate the size of generator you need, you must convert the kVA rating into a kW (kilowatt) rating.

Three phase generators have a design power factor of 0.8, which means that you multiple the kVA rating by 0.8 to work out the total rating in kW.

e.g .  A 100kVA three phase generator will produce 80kW  (100/0.8=80)

Single phase generators usually have a power factor of 1, but this can change.

Calculate your maximum demand by adding all of your individual loads kW rating together. This will help you work out what size generator you need.

Be sure to consult a qualified engineer to verify your calculations before committing to buy! Solent Power can assist you with sizing your generator.

Petrol generators usually range from 500W-8000W and are used for light loads such as small appliances and power tools. Petrol generators are suitable for camping and recreation as they are lightweight, portable and fuel costs are lower.

Diesel generators can produce a  much higher power output and range from 6kVA all the way up to 2000kVA. Smaller diesel generators are generally air cooled with 3000rpm engines, whereas industrial diesel generators are water cooled with 1500rpm engines. Diesel engines are used to power larger industrial equipment and machinery and also provide standby power for buildings.

If you are buying a portable generator and want to keep noise down as low as possible, we would suggest an inverter generator. These types of portable generators are designed to run at slower speeds with light loads and increase the speed and power output when the demand is higher. They generally run quieter and are more economical on fuel.

If you are buying a diesel generator, you can choose a silent diesel generator or canopied set. This means that the engine and components will be housed in an acoustic generator canopy, which reduces the noise from the engine during operation. Noise levels for a canopied diesel generator will typically be approx 70-80db @ 7 metres distance.

Costs vary when it comes to standby generators, because there is so much that can be done to alter and increase the specification and options for a standby generator.

A generator for your home can cost between £2500-6000 depending on what brand, rating or specifications you choose. You will need an ATS panel(auto transfer system) and will have installation costs in addition to this.

Industrial generator prices don’t really have a ceiling! For a standard canopied diesel generator for a building or business you will expect to pay between £10-30k depending on the kVA rating. Some brands are cheaper than others but it is really important to choose a generator with a leading egnine brand such as Perkins, Baudouin, Doosan, Yanmar, John deere, Cummins etc as you will be supported with a better warranty and have easier access to spare parts if you need them.

Solent Power are approved distributors for a number of leading generator brands and can advise you of the benefits and advantages of your generator brand.

Contact us for a friendly discussion about your options.

With recent legislation changes preventing the use of red diesel for commercial use, customers are exploring the option of changing to HVO fuel as an alternative.

Most engine manufactures will allow the use of HVO fuel. it is important to confirm this before changing from diesel as you may void your generator warranty.

HVO (hydro–treated vegetable oil) is a clean, biodegradable fuel that will reduce your generator emissions by up to 90%. 

If you are looking to use this fuel, please speak with us to confirm that your new generator can use HVO.

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