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Are you looking for a quiet and lightweight portable petrol generator? At Solent Power we can help you choose the right equipment for your needs, whether you are going on a trip or simply need power in your home and garden.

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What is the best brand of portable generator?

Solent Power are not tied to any particular brand or manufacturer, so we can offer honest and impartial advice on the right unit for your needs and budget. We only supply portable generators from recognised and reputable brands such as Pramac, Hyundai, Champion and Stephill.

Why buy inverter generators from us?

Buying a generator is a big investment. We believe that like every other large purchase in life, such as cars, clothes or phones, information and advice should be accessible to enable customers to make informed decisions. So it is our mission to share information freely and provide honest support to the market. We are an independent dealer and are flexible in the brands and generators we supply. Our experts provide transparent advice and recommendations to enable you to buy with confidence.

Inverter Generator FAQ's

Inverter generators are slightly different from conventional units as they use inverter technology that converts and filters the output. As a result, they use less fuel, run more efficiently, produce less noise and protect sensitive electronics like laptops. Inverter generators also produce lower emissions, as when the maximum output is not required, the engine runs slower and uses less fuel. It also means they have a smaller petrol fuel tank due to the lower demand.
Inverter generators are ideal for a wide range of recreational and domestic use. Due to their manageable weight, quietness and efficiency, they are ideal for taking on trips such as camping, sailing, fishing. In the home, they can be used in areas of your property that are not on the mains, such as your garden, and are popular in workshops and sheds for powering tools.
This type of genset will last longer than a standard unit due to the engine not having to run at high speeds during all of its usage. This also means that they do not require as much rest. They are also compact units and suitable for transporting, meaning that wear and tear is minimal.
There are a range of sizes from 1kVA up to 8kVA to choose from, depending on your needs. You should start by assessing the minimum and maximum wattage required for your appliances, equipment or tools. Make a calculation in watts, being careful to consider which appliances will run simultaneously and what the maximum output is likely to be. Once you have your output figure, choose a unit that can generate in excess of that figure. As a point of reference, a 1kVA (1000W) unit will be enough to run a couple of small appliances at once.

The pros certainly outweigh the cons where inverters are concerned.

They have several compelling benefits over a standard unit.

  • Lightweight and easy to transport

  • Lower fuel consumption

  • Lower carbon emissions

  • Higher efficiency

  • Quieter than diesel units

  • Come in a range of size and watts

  • Long lasting

  • They usually have a carry handle as standard!

The only real downside is that they are more expensive than a standard unit.

From a cost vs utility perspective… yes it is worth getting an inverter generator! Considering the convenience they offer and the cost saving potential, they are considered a wise investment. We always recommend them as a first choice option.

Among our best selling medium-sized units is the Hyundai – HPS-300 – 600W Portable Power Station costing £459.98 inc vat.

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