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Critical Power in Manufacturing

In today’s economy, manufacturers can’t afford to have any disruptions in their production. The slightest hiccup can result in lost revenue and profit. That’s why it is so important for manufacturers to have a reliable industrial power supply. Without it, they are susceptible to power outages and blackouts that can shut down the whole operation. This is what makes standby power so essential for manufacturing businesses and how it protects them from financial losses when the power goes out.
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What is standby power in manufacturing?

Standby power, also known as an emergency power, is a backup system that kicks in when the primary power source fails. This can be due to a number of reasons such as inclement weather, faulty equipment, or even human error. Whatever the cause, standby power ensures that manufacturing operations can continue without interruption. In some cases, standby power can even be used to avoid production loss altogether.

What causes manufacturing power loss?

For example, let’s say a severe storm knocks out power to a manufacturing facility. If the facility has standby power, the backup system will kick in and keep the lights on and the machines running. This way, production can continue without any interruption. However, if the facility doesn’t have standby power, the whole operation will come to a screeching halt until power is restored. This can result in lost production, which can have a major financial impact on the business.

What are your options for emergency power?

There are various options for emergency power such as standby generators for large power requirements, UPS (uninterruptible power supply) which provide battery backup to keep servers and back-end systems online during mains outages and temporary generators to quickly deploy power to sites after mains loss. You could even consider an emergency power contingency plan.

What is a power contingency plan?

If you do not have fixed equipment installed such as generators or UPS, we can visit your facility and provide a contingency power plan for you that details your essential power requirements during an outage and provides a temporary generator size, cable lengths, connection point, and deployment time for the equipment. This plan would be actioned with a phone call when power is lost to bring your building back online in the fastest and most cost-effective way.

Have you got protection in place?

Standby power is vital for manufacturing businesses. It protects them from production loss and financial losses that can occur when the power goes out. When choosing a standby power system for your facility, be sure to work with a reputable provider who can ensure that your system is up and running when you need it most.

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