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200kVA Generators

With their wide range of applications, 200kVA diesel generators are ideal for customers who need a reliable source of standby power or constant prime power. They also have incredible fuel efficiency and versatility, making them great for both commercial and larger residential needs.

At Solent Power, we supply high-quality diesel generators from a range of reputable manufacturers. Some of our most popular 200kVA generators for sale include the CAT 200kVA generator, with 160kW of standby power, and the Himoinsa HFW-200 T5 generator which features the Iveco FPT engine.

As an authorized distributor of leading quality brands, we are sure our 200kVA generator products will be suitable for your UK power requirements.

The benefits of 200kVA generators

Choosing a 200kVA diesel generator gives you access to plenty of power for prime and standby applications, making them a worthy investment. However, with a range of sizes available, it’s challenging to know which aligns with your commercial, on site, industrial or residential needs.

So here’s what sets the 200kVA diesel generator apart from the rest:


As one of the larger generator sizes available, 200kVA models are reliable in a crisis and can ensure your business remains operational by delivering up to 300 Amps!

In this range, most units are manufactured with either Perkins UK engines, Doosan (South Korea) or Iveco FPT which are all widely supported engine models.

These size diesel generators are typically used to cover standby applications or used in prime to cover large industrial machinery and equipment where power is not always available such as farms or waste recycling facilities.


Prices for a quality 200kVA generator that are designed and manufactured in Europe start from around 23k and range up to 30k for the premium brands, and this varies with specifications and features.

200kVA diesel generator running costs are not to painful either as fuel burn will be around 20L per hour @ 50% loading at this size.


Diesel generators and their components are very reliable and durable, mostly due to their sturdy construction. Along with functions that reduce noise and suit quiet working environments, they’re a suitable long-term solution for your power needs.

Usually spanning around 3000mm – 3500mm in length, most feature fork lift pockets and can be easily moved around, making them suit a variety of applications.

Invest in a generator from Solent Power

We stock brands from reputable manufacturers, with delivery, servicing and installation support options. Each generator comes with a deep sea control panel or equivalent user-friendly controller and quiet acoustic canopy , so you won’t have to worry about disrupting employees and customers.

Your safety is our biggest priority, and our dedicated UK team are always available to offer support and advice.

Please contact us today to learn more about our generators and find a suitable model for your needs.

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