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Powerful 250kW Generator Models

A 250kW diesel generator is an excellent investment for residential and commercial businesses, providing a consistent power supply. Many customers choose these generators because they have moderate power needs, making them a fantastic option for medium-scale operations.

Solent Power offers a variety of generators from reputable manufacturers, including Cummins and CAT. Shopping with us gives you access to reliable standby and prime power, along with a dedicated team of experts who offer unparalleled support.

Take advantage of seamless power

We’re careful about the generators we offer and only choose manufacturers that align with our strict quality control guidelines. Whichever model you select, you can take advantage of features that give you convenience and peace of mind.

Typical features from our generators include:

  • An automatic voltage regulator to control frequency output.
  • 250 kW of power for prime and standby applications.
  • A fully weatherproof enclosure that ensures longevity.
  • Secure fuel tank with an easy-to-use filler cap.
  • Noise reduction features that don’t distract employees and customers.
  • Sturdy components, such as stainless steel hinges.
  • An easy access control panel.

Why choose a 250kW generator?

Choosing 250KW generators gives you enough power for various applications, including residential and commercial settings. Whether you want to ensure your business remains operational or are sick of power cuts, you can rely on our generators for support.

Popular uses include:

  • Powering residential properties.
  • Standby power for commercial and industrial businesses to ensure disruptions.
  • Additional support for emergency services.
  • Powering equipment for a construction project.

Invest in a 250kW diesel generator from Solent Power

Our 250kW generators are designed to last for a long time, making them wise investments for your business. If you’d like support choosing a suitable generator or have any questions, our dedicated team of experts is always on hand to answer them.

We guarantee reputable companies manufacture each generator supplied by us, and the ongoing support you receive ensures nothing stands in the way of your operations.

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