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500kVA Diesel Generators For Sale

If you have extensive prime power or reserve power supply needs, a 500kVA generator will offer peace of mind and a consistent electricity supply when you need it most.

Solent Power is the go-to place for all your power requirements as an authorised distributor of a range of diesel generator manufacturers and sizes.

The benefits of investing in a 500kVA diesel generator

Diesel generators come in various sizes, from as low as 10kVA to over 2000kVA, but most medium-scale operations will be fine with 500kVA. These generators offer numerous benefits for residences and commercial settings, including safety and backup power.


Many generators are there for backup, ensuring operations can continue during a power cut. However, some people also use them if they work in remote settings because the generators can power up vital equipment and boost productivity.

Investing in a 500kVA model is ideal if you operate large businesses or events such as manufacturing services, data centres, and providing electricity for festivals.


Power outages occur, and they’re usually a minor annoyance. However, hospitals and emergency services might not be able to function without power, but generators are a reliable energy source.

Commercial settings rely on regular customers, and the right generator can ensure nothing impacts your operations.

Economical incentives

Purchasing a diesel generator does require an initial investment, but they can also be cost-effective solutions. Diesel boasts fuel efficiency and requires less maintenance, meaning you can save money and still benefit from a machine that ensures your workplace or home continues to function as normal.

Buy a high-quality diesel generator from Solent Power

Solent Power is an authorised distributor of 500kVA generators, and we offer a range of high-quality solutions from respected manufacturers. The CAT 500kVA model has a silenced build to ensure it doesn’t disrupt your employees and customers, along with an automatic start function.

You can also take advantage of our finance deals, ensuring you get a high-quality generator without the upfront expenses.

With a team of experts ready to answer any questions and a commitment to providing our customers with ongoing support and generator servicing, Solent Power gives you practical models that are tough enough for numerous residential and commercial applications.

Please feel free to contact us through the website or phone number to discuss our range of diesel generators.

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