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Invest In A 60kW Generator For Medium-Scale Power Applications

If you’re in the market for a reliable generator but don’t need vast amounts of power, our 60kW diesel generators are the perfect solution. They’re ideal for industrial and commercial applications while also serving as good options for homeowners.

Engineered by the UK’s most reputable manufacturers and sold by Solent Power, we guarantee you’ll get the best possible prices through us. We’re an authorised distributor of diesel generator models and can offer various services, including installation.

Get seamless prime and standby power

A 60kW generator is a powerful machine that won’t let you down; ideal if you’re working in a remote location or have moderate standby and prime requirements.

Our diesel generators are ideal for:

  • Industrial & Commercial Facilities: Medium-sized businesses, such as factories and warehouses, can use 60kW generators to ensure a stable power supply.
  • Construction Sites: If your team works remotely, a diesel generator can power vital equipment and machinery.
  • Outdoor Events: Small events can also make use of 60kW of power, which will handle equipment, lighting and sound systems.
  • Agricultural Settings: Farming businesses might not have access to a reliable power supply, but generators can offer valuable support.
  • Residential Properties: Power outages can be just as disruptive for homes, too, but a backup generator can protect your food and ensure you have access to electricity.

Take advantage of seamless features

Buying a generator from Solent Power means you’re making a wise investment for your business or home. Our range of 60kW models come with designated control panels, instant alerts, and other features that give you seamless control.

If you’d like more information about a particular product or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re waiting to help you fix any power supply problem.

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