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HVO Fuel

What is HVO fuel?

  • HVO – Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil is a ‘drop in’ bio-fuel replacement for diesel suitable for off-road diesel engine applications such as your standby diesel generator.
  • It is manufactured using 100% recycled waste and is a completely legal and sustainable alternative to conventional diesel that significantly reduces noxious generator engine exhaust gases.
  • It is certified by the ISCC and meets the international fuel standards EN15940. HVO is being adopted rapidly in the UK after great success overseas in nations such as Sweden.
  • It requires no additional equipment, engine changes or modifications to your diesel generator and can be added and stored in the same fuel storage tanks as your diesel.

For more information, see the ETIP factsheet on HVO Fuel.

HVO Fuel

The Key Benefits of HVO Fuel

  • Proven to reduce Co2 emissions by up to 90%, NOx by up to 27% and Particulate matter by up to 84% — A cleaner burn for your diesel engine.
  • Free from Fossils, odourless & 100% Biodegradable — Environmentally safe.
  • 10 year storage life — comparable to <12m for diesel — less prone to contamination from bacteria such as ‘diesel bug’ that frequently renders regular diesel unusable.
  • Free from FAME. No waxing in cold temperatures and no water separation in storage — Better for your fuel filters and less generator maintenance issues caused than diesel.
  • Can be dropped into your existing generator fuel tank and has no problem being mixed with any fuel left in your tank. No need to empty out your tank and waste your diesel fuel.
  • HVO Fuel has a much higher resistance to colder temperatures, which cause regular diesel to ‘wax’ and clog up generator fuel filters and prevent starting or load acceptance.

Working together for a better world

There is now more pressure than ever on business in the public and private sector for business to become more sustainable and reduce their carbon footprints to prevent further damage from climate change.

Targeting generator emission reduction is now a key strategy to reduce environmental impact and climate change and a range of solutions are now being adopted for power generation including improving diesel engine efficiency, exhaust catalysts and diesel particulate filters and alternative fuels to name a few examples.

There could never be a better time to make the switch HVO fuel to effortlessly achieve reductions without any further investment or upgrades needed for your diesel generator.

HVO Fuel

90% of engine failure is due to contaminated fuel

Poor quality diesel or contaminated diesel is the largest single cause of engine failure. Contamination is frequently a result of water or bacteria in the fuel which is caused by a break down of the FAME composition when subjected to water vapours and bacteria in the storage tank.

When conventional diesel is stored for long periods of time in your generator fuel tank, it is likely to become contaminated and can cause serious damage to your engine by seizing pistons and fuel pumps and blocking injectors. HVO has no FAME content and is manufactured using a completely different process.

The composition of HVO fuel allows it to be stored for up to 10 years as it is much more resistant to water contamination and bacteria.

This ultimately protects your diesel generator engine from any potential damage from poor fuel and can save fortunes on treating or replacing contaminated diesel.

Poor generator fuel
Poor Generator Fuel
HVO fuel

Solent Power - Your HVO fuel partner

At Solent Power we are proud to provide HVO fuel services nationwide at competitive prices along with our other generator services. We truly believe that HVO fuel will not only reduce your emissions but but also help reduce the maintenance costs of your diesel generator and associated equipment.

By working with us as your generator provider we can use our experience to assess  your generators, your fuel system and your associated switchgear and controls for any potential weaknesses that may lead to unexpected failure or downtime.

We are your ‘one stop shop’ for all generator enquiries and this offering includes the planned top-ups for your generator tank to ensure you always have a fresh supply for your facility.

Ask us about HVO fuel today and how your business can benefit from generator emissions reductions!

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