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Is it cheaper to run a diesel generator for electricity in the UK?

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With the cost of living increasing, rising electricity costs, and concerns over mains power outages, it’s no wonder many businessaes are running their businesses using diesel generators.

Using a generator may not be cheaper than mains electricity. You’ll have the cost of petrol or diesel to consider. However, what’s priceless is the peace of mind of knowing you have a backup generator should grid electricity fail.

Running a diesel generator for electricity in the UK can be a relatively cheap option, depending on the size and type of generator chosen. Diesel generators are generally more efficient than other forms of power generation and require less maintenance than other generators, making them an attractive option.

The cost of running a diesel generator depends on various factors such as fuel costs, size and type of the generator, its efficiency rating and the amount of time it is used. Diesel generators are generally cheaper to run than other generating systems due to their higher efficiency levels and lower consumption rates.

Diesel vs petrol generator: Which is right for you?

Generators are ideal for providing a reliable power source for your home or business. Both diesel and petrol generators have their advantages and disadvantages. Check out our comparison article here for a full breakdown.

Diesel generators are typically more efficient than petrol ones and can run longer without refuelling. On average, they burn at a rate 50% less than petrol generators. For larger businesses, a diesel generator offers the best return on investment.

As well as fuel efficiency, a diesel generator has a longer lifespan and requires less maintenance. This is because a diesel engine has fewer components and a more straightforward fuel delivery system.

Petrol generators benefit from being cheaper to buy and are generally quieter than diesel. However, because of their efficiency and reduced long-term running costs, we recommend diesel over petrol, especially for those looking to generate large amounts of power.

Why is it a good idea to have a backup generator for your business?

A backup or standby generator for your business is a good idea for many reasons.

Firstly, the right generator can provide a reliable power source should there be an unexpected power outage. This is particularly important for any business relying on electricity to keep its operations running. Manufacturing plans, data centres, and hospitals all require continuous power. A generator will eliminate the risk to critical operations if the power supply is lost.

Losing power for a business can mean significant financial losses. If the power goes off, it can disrupt operations, affect productivity, and impact revenue. It can also cause costly damage to businesses that rely on equipment such as refrigerators to keep perishable goods from spoiling. It can also cause damage to sensitive equipment.

When your business depends on a steady supply of electricity, even minor fluctuations in your power can cause big problems. When you have a generator connected, it can help stabilise your power supply to ensure disruptions to your electricity don’t happen.

You’re investing in peace of mind by investing in a generator to power your business. Backup power can prevent safety issues or serious problems affecting your business’s performance. It can be as simple as keeping your lighting and heating running, but the ability to continue business as usual can protect your business from financial losses.

Once I have a generator, is it costly to maintain it?

As with any engine, maintenance is required to ensure it remains in good working order. When you buy a generator, you do need to factor in the costs to maintain it. As we mentioned above, the benefits of a diesel generator include the fact it requires less maintenance. However, you still need to have a maintenance plan to ensure that when you run the generator, it meets your power requirements.

To ensure your generator can power your business, you need to get it serviced. Depending on the generator type, services will likely include a compliance check, system check, fuel levels and condition checks, cooling system check, as well as checking hoses and more. These checks will not only ensure it’s ready when you need to run your generator, but they will also ensure it’s safe to use with no hazards.

Costs will vary depending on the generator, but you’ll be looking in the region for £250-350. Take a look at our Generator Services for more details.

What do I do if my generator breaks down?

Nothing is worse than needing to run a generator and realising it doesn’t work or having your generator run and break down. If you get your generator serviced regularly, it’s hopefully a rare and unlikely occurrence. Unfortunately, as with anything mechanical, there is a chance it may break down.

Unless you have the skills and knowledge to fix the generator yourself, you’ll need to call a generator engineer out to take a look. Like anything, call-out charges can be costly, especially when out of hours.

To help ensure added peace of mind, taking out cover with a generator services and maintenance provider means you’ll be covered day or night should anything go wrong.

Here at Solent Power, we offer a full-service level agreement which covers you 24/7 with our emergency breakdown cover. Find out more.

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