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The dreaded has happened… Your diesel generator isn’t starting? Maybe you have had a power cut and the generator didn’t start leaving you in the dark? Or you have gone to push the start button on your generator like you do every other day, and it won’t start up or it just shuts down straight […]

Have you run out of power capacity in your business? As a busy business owner or manager, you understand the critical importance of having a reliable and scalable power supply to support your operations and fuel business growth. When faced with new machinery installations or business expansion, increasing your power supply is a very common […]

Essential guide to buying a diesel generator for businesses and large homes, covering fuel consumption, noise levels, pre-owned options and maintenance tips.

Diagnose Your Power Problems and Explore How Diesel Generators Can Solve Your Business’s Power Challenges Introduction: Tackling Machinery Power Issues with Diesel Generator Solutions Power issues in businesses can result in decreased productivity, equipment malfunction, higher energy costs and frequent maintenance and repairs. Acknowledging and diagnosing power problems is essential to the smooth running of […]

In today’s fast-paced world, businesses and homes rely heavily on a consistent and stable power supply to ensure smooth operations and maintain comfort.  Unexpected power outages disrupt daily routines and can lead to significant financial losses and damage to equipment. Backup power solutions provide a reliable alternative to safeguard against these potential issues. In this […]

Whether you own or are looking to buy a generator, you want your chosen generator to be a reliable backup power source or even your primary power system, so understanding the significance of the power factor is essential.  The power factor refers to the efficiency with which your diesel generator converts its electrical power into […]

Losing power unexpectedly to your home or business can be a significant cause for concern.  For a business, a power failure could result in substantial financial loss, cause safety concerns, or damage the business’s reputation. Keeping your home powered can be vital when you live in an area with lots of power cuts or have […]

A reliable standby generator is crucial to ensure a continuous power supply should there be a power outage. If you’ve gone so far as to research the best generator for home use or your business, you’ll want to find the best backup generator that gives you value for money.   With so many options available on […]

With the cost of living increasing, rising electricity costs, and concerns over mains power outages, it’s no wonder many businessaes are running their businesses using diesel generators. Using a generator may not be cheaper than mains electricity. You’ll have the cost of petrol or diesel to consider. However, what’s priceless is the peace of mind […]

This is a question on many people’s minds as we approach the colder months with an energy crisis. With the national grid under strain and gas supplies running low, power stations on standby and energy use at an all-time high, it’s no wonder people are worried. January and February are typically the months when we […]

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