Teksan - TJ120BD - 110kVA Diesel Generator


Key features:

  • 122 kVA / 97 kW Standby Power
  • Powerful Baudouin Engine (4M06G120/5)
  • Deep Sea Electronics 7320 control module
  • Standby ready – Water heater & battery charger fitted

Teksan TJ120BD 110kVA Diesel Generator – 3 Phase 400 Volt

Teksan generators are some of the most reliable diesel generators in the market available to the UK Consumer. They are manufactured in Europe and use diesel engines from some of the world’s leading brands, such as Baudouin, Perkins, and Doosan.

Teksan diesel generators use the best engine brands available, thanks to the robust Baudouin 4M06G120/5 engine this Teksan TJ120BD 110kVA diesel generator is reliable and economical.

The 1500rpm engine produces 110 kVA / 88 kW of reliable power for prime and continuous power applications.

This Teksan model has along run bunded fuel tank and a close-fitting acoustic canopy, it performs well in a range of environments such as commercial and industrial andfor standby power applications.

Deep Sea Electronics Control Panel

The Deep Sea Electronics 7320 control module controls the power produced by the Teksan TJ120BD. The module displays shutdowns, warnings & engine status information and is easily operated and navigated through soft fascia buttons.

Various alarms and protections are provided such as:

  • low oil pressure to protect the engine from a lack of lubrication
  • high engine coolant temperature to protect the engine from low coolant or thermostat or water pump issues
  • low fuel level warning
  • Alternator overloading and voltage protection

The Deep Sea control panel can be connected to using a USB cable to further customize the control settings and configure for a range of applications such as generator remote monitoring or BMS integration.

Teksan TJ120BD Power Rating

This model has a prime power rating of 110 kVA / 88 kW and a standby power rating of 122 kVA / 97 KW.

Standby generator ready

All Teksan generators come fitted with battery chargers and engine jacket water heaters as standard, therefore are suitable for standby generator or backup generator applications.

When installed with an ATS (automatic transfer switch), the generator can be started automatically and transfer power to your building with no manual intervention required. This is achieved by supplying the AutoStart 2 – wire terminals in the Teksan generator control panel.

Noise Level – Low

The TJ120BD is enclosed in an acoustic canopy and therefore designated as a silent generator. Sound levels are surprisingly quiet at 71 dBA @ 7 metres.

The high quality powder coated steel canopies are manufactured in-house at Teksan in Europe.

Using the TeksanTJ120BD Generator

It’s easy to start and use, with a simplestraightforward Deep Sea Electronics UK control panel.

Equipment cabling can be connected into the enclosed circuit breaker beneath the control panel, and you are ready for use.

Protecting your new generator purchase

Teksan generators also come with a comprehensive warranty, giving you peace of mind that your investment is protected.

The components such as the engine and alternator have extended OEM warranties, which can last up to 4 years for certain engine models and generator applications.

Your Local Dealer For Teksan Generators

As authorized dealers in the UK, Solent Power can provide all levels servicing & support for Teksan generators.

Contact us today to find out more about the Teksan range of generators and how we can help you choose the right generator for your needs.

Solent Power is a distributor and dealer for a range of quality generator brands and can support you with specifying your equipment, installing, commissioning, and providing ongoing servicing and support.














Commercial, Industrial, Standby Power






Engine specifications:

  • Engine manufacturer Baudouin
  • Model 4M06G120/5
  • Cylinder Configuration In Line
  • Number of cylinder 4
  • Displacement LT 4,5
  • Aspiration Turbocharged Intercooler
  • Speed governor Electronic
  • Cooling System Water LT 13,3
  • Lubrication Oil Capacity 11
  • Electrical System VDC 12
  • Speed / Frequency 50 Hz rpm 1500 rpm/ 50 Hz
  • Engine Gross Power (Standby 50 Hz) kW 108
  • Fuel Diesel
  • Starting system Electric

Power Rating:

  • Standby power LTP kVA 122
  • Standby power LTP kW 97
  • Prime power PRP kVA 110
  • Prime power PRP kW 88

Dimensional data:

  • Width (W) mm 1100
  • Length (L) mm 3320
  • Height (H) mm 1600
  • Weight Kg 1735
  • Fuel tank capacity L 315

Main Features:

  • Frequency Hz 50
  • Voltage V 400
  • Power factor cos ϕ 0.8
  • Phase 3

Alternator Specifications:

  • Alternator Leroy Somer
  • Model TAL044H
  • No of Phases 3
  • Voltage V 400
  • Frequency Hz 50
  • Power factor cos ϕ 0.8
  • Poles 4
  • No of Bearings Single
  • No of Leads 6-12
  • Insulation Class H-F
  • Degree of Protection IP 21-23
  • Excitation System AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulator), Brushless
  • Connection Type Star-Triangle

Fuel consumption:

  • Diesel Consumption 110% ESP 50 Hz lt/h 26
  • Fuel Consumption 100% PRP 50 Hz lt/h 23,3
  • Diesel Consumption 75% PRP 50 Hz lt/h 17,4
  • Fuel Consumption 50% PRP 50 Hz lt/h 11,9

Noise level:

  • Noise pressure level @ 7 m dB(A) 71

Please note that there are certain regulations in certain areas and countries related to noise, fuel storage and emissions. Please make sure you order the correct generator for your region/location.


Lead times are subject to stock levels at time of order. With supply chain issues there are sometimes possibilities of long lead times on some generator models due to popularity or particular components being in short supply. Please enquire prior to making an order by contacting us at Solent Power.

All Teksan products are priced as ex works, therefore delivery is a chargeable extra and quoted at time of order. Delivery costs vary based on customer location, access restrictions and unloading facilities. Please contact us to gain a quote including delivery to your address. Alternatively, collection can be arranged and generators can be collected from Teksan UK warehouse facility subject to opening times and prior notice provided to facilitate collection.


The limited warranty terms differ depending upon the model and manufacturer of engine we use whether it is Doosan, Baudouin, Perkins etc, and the location of the generator.

For UK based installations, our Teksan diesel generators have a warranty up to 12 months / 1,000 hours for standby applications or up to 12 months / 2,000 hours for prime applications. In order to activate your warranty terms on the Teksan range you must provide both proof of purchase and evidence of service records. If you require assistance with servicing, please contact us at time of sale for a quote.

For Prime applications, servicing and maintenance is key to prevent downtime. All warranties are subject to terms and general wear and tear or serviceable parts, and any failure due to lack of maintenance in line with guidelines are not covered. Please contact us if you require any more detailed information on any of the warranty terms.

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