BLUETTI SP350 350W Solar Panel


Key features:

  • Off-Grid Power Supply
  • Foldable & Portable
  • Durable & Splash-proof
  • 23.5% Conversion Rate
  • Wide Compatibility

BLUETTI SP350 350W Solar Panel


Compact and cost effective off-grid solar panel suitable for charging all Bluetti solar generators at 350W*.

The BLUETTI SP350 solar panel can be built into a power system to provide portable power to your laptop, drone, refrigerator, drill and more. Constructed with high quality mono crystalline solar cells and manufactured from robust ETFE material, it is a lightweight and quality product that provides clean portable solar power.

When connected to any Bluetti portable power station, they can provide a clean, emission free, carbon free portable power solution with charging anywhere you are.

Suitable for all Bluetti portable power stations such as : AC200P/AC200MAX/AC300/EB150/EB240/EB500 


Suitable for a large range of applications.

Ideal solar panel for Camping, Leisure, Boating and off-grid living and many more applications.

The Bluetti SP350 solar panels have standard MC4 electrical connection for use with other solar powered equipment and chargers, making it compatible with other systems.


Ease of use

These portable solar panels are easy to use. Simply fold them out and use the fold out stand on the rear to position them in optimum sunlight. Be aware that these portable solar panels are splash proof but not suitable for rain or snow.


High Performance

The Bluetti portable solar panels have an output of 24vdc against an average of 22-23vdc of other products in the market, this helps to maximize the charging current to your portable power stations or equipment on charge.

These units have typical conversion rate of up to 23%



*Actual performance results may vary depending on operating conditions and panel orientation.


BLUETTI SP350 350W Solar Panel
User Manual
QC Card
24 Month Warranty Card






Leisure, Portable



Lamination:ETFE (Ethylene tetrafluoroethylene)
Cell Efficiency:Up to 23.5%
Voltage at Max Power(Vmp):35V
Current at Max Power(Imp):10A
Open Circuit Voltage(OCV):42V
Short Circuit Current(Isc):12A


Weight:25.3lbs (11.5kg)
Dimensions (Unfolded):27.2 × 90 inch (69.1*228.7cm)
Dimensions (Folded):27.2 × 26.8in (69.1*68.3cm)
Connector:Standard MC4 Connector
Operating Temperature::14-149℉ (-10-65℃)
Best Working Temperature:77℉ (25℃)
Cable Length:118in (3m)
Warranty:24 Months
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