Thermographic Imaging

What is Thermal imaging?

Thermographic imaging is the inspection and assessment of abnormal temperatures in your electrical equipment. These high temperatures can be caused by loose connections, overloading and unbalanced loading, poor ventilation, incorrectly mounted components and induced currents in power systems. Problems of this nature will only become worse the longer they remain undetected and will likely cause a failure or potentially a fire situation. We use specialized thermal cameras to inspect your electrical equipment and machinery that can detect and capture the exact point of high temperature. This testing can be done without having to switch off your equipment or disturb your operations, so it is a cost effective method of preventative maintenance. 

Caring For Your System

In addition to performing initial inspections and assessments, we have a duty of care to rectify any potential dangerous situation with your electrical equipment. If we find a hot spot in your system that can be easily rectified without causing much delay, we will try to address it the same day. For example, a loose connection in a current carrying conductor could be causing excessive heat and could lead to arcing or a fire situation. This could simply be either tightened up or re-terminated during our survey visit to rectify immediately and remove any causes of concern for you.

Comprehensive Reporting

Once our survey has been completed, we will produce a full inspection report including photographs with comments for every potential defect or issue found. This will be prepared in PDF format and can be sent via email or on a CD for your records. 

For any defects found we will be happy to provide a quotation to quickly attend and resolve any issues. If you have any questions about our thermographic imaging service, please contact us.


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