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Thermographic Imaging

What is thermographic Imaging?

Thermographic Imaging is the inspection and assessment of abnormal temperatures in your electrical equipment.

These types of issues can be found on power generation and distribution equipment such as switchgear, diesel generators and distribution boards.

High temperatures can be caused by loose connections, overloading and unbalanced loading, poor ventilation, incorrectly mounted components and induced currents in power systems.

Problems of this nature  become worse the longer they remain undetected and will likely cause a failure or potentially a fire situation. For more information on this topic, read our blog post about how much a loose wire can cost your business.

We use specialised Fluke thermal cameras to inspect your electrical equipment, generators and machinery that can detect and capture the exact point of high temperature and capture it in a photograph to assess.

electric thermal thermographic imaging in hampshire

Most importantly, this testing can be done without having to switch off your equipment or disturb your operations, therefore it is completely non-intrusive and can be done at any time.

Thermographic imaging of power systems is a recognized form of cost effective maintenance and can save business owners serious sums by preventing unexpected power loss or reactive repairs.

Thermographic Imaging

Caring for your power system

Even a system that appears healthy could be hiding something underneath.
We have a duty of care to rectify any potentially dangerous situation with your electrical equipment. If we find a hot spot in your system that can be easily rectified without causing much delay, we will try to address it the same day with your permission.

For example, a loose connection in a current-carrying conductor could be causing excessive heat and could lead to arcing or a fire situation. This we would deem a major safety concern and we would highlight this upon discovery to you.

This connection could simply be either tightened up or re-terminated during our survey visit to rectify immediately and remove any causes of concern for you. Our engineer’s are fully qualified electricians and are qualified to undertake this work.
Thermographic Imaging

100% Comprehensive Reporting

Once our Thermographic Imaging survey has been completed we will produce a detailed full inspection report for your system.

This will include photographs with comments for every potential defect or issue found, and be prepared in PDF format that can be sent via email or on a CD to keep for your records.

If any defects are found we will be more than happy to provide a free quotation to quickly attend and resolve any issues that were located during our visit.

By conducting a survey in a non-intrusive manner and providing a full report, this allows business owners and managers to plan any remedial works or repairs at a time that is convenient and that minimizes disruption to operations.

Thermographic Imaging

How long does a survey take?

Thermographic surveys vary in duration due to the volume of equipment needed to be checked being different on every site. Typically a survey of a workplace or building can be completed in a single day, but in special circumstances it can take over a week!
We advise that as a priority, the main LV switchgear is inspected along with the LV switchboard. In addition to this we would suggest inspecting your distribution boards or sub boards. If you have any critical plant or machinery such as generators, it would be advised to check the supply cables and also the control cabinets for any signs of abnormal temperatures.

Remember that the presence of heat in your system is a result of current travelling through the cables and components. if you do not have your equipment running or circuits loaded up, it can be hard to detect potential points of failure. It is important to perform a thermographic survey when your facility is at full capacity!
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