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What type of oil should I use in my diesel generator?

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How does oil protect my generator?

Your oil plays a vital part in the health of your generator diesel engine. It provides the lubrication to critical components such as the crank shaft and bearings, turbo bearings, valves and valve springs. It also assists with decontamination by removing dirt or deposits away from the engine and into the oil filter. The oil also helps to seal the pistons in the cylinder and prevent compression loss.

If this isn’t enough, the oil also assists with cooling the engine parts by reducing friction and removing heat in components caused by high combustion temperatures.


Why replace my generator oil?

Your engine oil contains additives that neutralize acids caused by combustion and protects your engine from corrosion and contamination. These additives are gradually lost during operation. Also after time oil has thermal breakdown and is much less effective as a lubricant. This can cause more friction and wear in your engine components.


Oil types and grades

Different types of engines require different types and grades of oil. Some manufacturers such as Caterpillar, Cummins, Deutz, Volvo and Iveco will also have preferences for their engines. To determine the type of oil for your generator, this information should be found in your handbook or operators manual.

One main consideration is viscosity. This is essentially the thickness of the oil and its performance under different temperature conditions. The first numbers in your oil type correspond to the performance in the cold e.g ‘W’ for winter, and the second numbers relate to the heat performance. E.g – 15W-40 . See the table below as a guide.

oil grades generator oil services solent power



The majority of engine oils now contain a range of additives that help with several areas such as performance, efficiency, emissions reduction and engine protection.

It is important to understand the age, condition and application of your engine to determine how these additives will benefit you most.



Choosing a reputable and recognized brand is key to prolonging the life of your diesel generator. We are now in a marketplace with limitless product offerings and options and this presents various choices for the consumer.

At Solent Power we work with reputable dealers such as Morris Lubricants to specify and deliver premium quality lubricants at fair and competitive prices. This ensures that we never compromise on quality for our product delivery.


Need help with your diesel generator?

If you are unsure about any of your operation or maintenance requirements for your diesel generator please feel free to get in touch. At Solent Power we have the experience and knowledge to provide any guidance or assistance that you may need.

Contact us today for a no-obligation discussion about your generator or emergency power system.

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