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50kVA Generators

When you need to power up your business or home, a 50kVA generator is a medium-sized generator that can provide up to 50 kilovolt-amperes (kVA) of power. With a diesel engine, these generators come at various price points depending on your needs.

People opt for silent – or soundproof generators that are much quieter for homes and businesses.

Our 50kVA generators offer reliable power

When you’re looking for diesel generators that won’t let you down, Solent Power has your needs covered. As a reputable dealer, we offer unparalleled support and can help you choose a generator that suits your immediate and long-term needs.

Backup power

A common use of a 50kVA diesel generator is as a backup power source. Power outages can wreak havoc on your business, halt productivity and even compromise health and safety.

These 50kVA generators offer a quick and secure way to provide electricity to critical systems and appliances, ensuring your business can run smoothly.

Prime power

A 50kVA generator can also serve as a primary power source, especially in remote locations or areas with unreliable electrical grids.

Investing in a generator provides a stable source of electricity for extended periods, such as in construction sites or off-grid installations.

How to use a diesel generator

There are lots of applications for diesel generators, including powering your home or business. With their high-performance features and quiet noise levels, our generators enable you to operate seamlessly in any environment.

Industrial and commercial settings

When working in a commercial or industrial setting, reliable power is essential. It ensures the business remains operational and provides electricity to machinery, lights and equipment. Investing in a 50kVA diesel generator ensures nothing interrupts your customers.

Events and outdoor settings

50kVA generators are safe to use for events and work that takes place in outdoor settings. For example, festivals, work parties and other outdoor events can receive electricity for various equipment or entertainment options. Construction sites can also utilize these generators to ensure work can continue.

Emergency services

Emergency services like hospitals, fire stations, and data centers often rely on 50kVA generators to ensure an uninterrupted power supply during emergencies. These generators can be lifelines in certain situations, and investing in one ensures immediate medical attention when people need it most.

Residential backup

Some homeowners with large properties or specific power needs may also use 50kVA generators as backup power sources. If you live in an area particularly susceptible to power outages, generators can ensure minimal disruption to your daily life.

Don’t settle for anything but premium quality generators

Generators are a worthy investment if you find one that prioritizes safety. At Solent Power, we offer a range of 50kVA diesel generators for our customers to meet their power needs and guarantee reliability with all of our products.

As an authorized distributor of generators from the most reputable manufacturers, you can look forward to cost-effective prices and installation support.

Please feel free to contact us if you need some support with choosing a generator.

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