At Solent power we supply a range of uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and battery back up to suit your all of your requirements. We only supply the best UPS Brands such as AEG UPS and will not compromise on quality for your power security.

Whether you need a stand alone UPS to protect a computer or a larger UPS to protect your server from power loss, we can provide a solution to help you.

We supply line interactive UPS, Online UPS, single phase and three phase configurable UPS, Rack mounted UPS and modular UPS units with internal or external UPS batteries.

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Need back up power for your IT systems?


Uninterruptible power supply sales

Want your operation to be uninterruptible? Invest in a UPS.

Invest in a UPS (uninterruptible power supply)to protect your servers from power loss.

UPS Uninterruptible Power Supplies
Uninterruptible power supply


An Online UPS (uninterruptible power supply) is connected in-line with your server and protects your IT equipment and systems when power is lost. In the unfortunately event of mains failure, the UPS will automatically transfer your equipment onto its internal or external batteries until power is restored.

Your UPS will backup your servers for a period of time that will allow other protective actions to take place such as saving work or making essential communications before power is lost. Sometimes a UPS is combined with a standby generator and keeps your systems online while the generator starts and transfers power to your building.

A line interactive UPS will minotr the quality of your mains power and automatically transfer your load onto batteries if surges or irregularities occur. This protects your servers from damage caused buy the mains supply.

If you are looking to buy a UPS for your IT systems or protect your servers with an uninterruptible power supply, Solent Power can support you in all aspects. Please do feel free to send us a quick email detailing your requirements, and we will be in touch with some UPS solutions and options for your consideration.

How do uninterruptible power supplies work?

Uninterruptible power supplies are essentially a battery backup for your computers and critical services. They connect to your mains supply and have internal battery packs that provide storage during a power outage.

In a line interactive smart ups when the ac input voltage is stable and there are no issues with the incoming power, the device will filter the power and provide a stable output voltage to your devices or services. This is a healthy status, where the battery pack is not discharged.

This is called a double conversion mode where the line voltage supplies power to a rectifier which converts the AC to DC supply. This DC power is then inverted back to an AC output voltage providing power for the connected services or device.

Uninterruptible Power Supplies

Uninterruptible power supply servicing

Keeping your UPS healthy ensures your business is too. Make sure it works when you need it the most.

Keeping your UPS healthy ensures your business is too. Make sure it works when you need it the most.

UPS Batteries
UPS Batteries


The duration that your UPS will provide power is known as the ‘UPS automation’. The automation of your UPS depends on a number of factors such as battery capacity, load size and power factor. There are other considerations that affect how long your UPS will last such as battery age and condition, operating temperatures and the efficiency of your UPS.

A ups system is common in commercial applications providing battery backup and power supplies for computers and IT systems.

Smaller devices or entry level units can simply plug into the outlets in your building and have their own protected outlets on the rear of the unit. These type of units are readily available for purchase in stock in the uk.

If more power is required or a larger capacity unit this will usually be fulfilled with an industrial three phase ups system. These are common for businesses with larger output requirements and large amounts of data and systems to protect such as data centres.

Your UPS system size or power capacity is rated in kVA and is calculated by determining the maximum load of all of the equipment and services that you need to power for your UPS output.

Always factor in the power factor of your UPS device and loads to allow for losses. You will almost always need to oversize to allow for this. Contact us for advise or to book a site survey.

If you need help with choosing what UPS you need or would like to discuss servicing and support for your UPS and generators, please contact us for a friendly discussion about your UPS requirements.

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